Quad vs Duo Core for Light Gaming

I'm looking at purchasing a new lap top, and I have boiled down the list to two: one that features the intel i7-720QM and one that features the intel i5-520M.

The former, however, has a GT230 graphics card while the latter has the better ATI Radeon 5650.

Most (likely all) of the games I'd be playing on it would be slightly older MMOs that do not fully utilize Quad Core technology. Because all other components are roughly equivalent and the prices are the same, which would be better to go with: the quad core and the okay graphics, or the dual core and the better (still not super amazing) graphics?
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  1. Duo core would be more suitable for older MMO's because exactly of the reason you said " older games don't utilize quads" and most new games still don't fully use them, but since the Duo is still a very respectable processor, and your getting a more beefy graphics card, that allows for higher graphics settings on newer MMO's or FPS games if you decide that your interesting in buying a newer game.
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