Unknown BIOS password

I need access to my girlfriend's ACER Travelmate 512T BIOS and she doesn't know the password. I've reset these passwords on desktop units by removing the battery and/or moving a jumper, but I've opened up the access ports underneath the laptop and no battery or jumper just memory and modem. Anyone know what to do?

I forget now, will I lose any data on the HDD (don't think so)?


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  1. you won't lose HD data, but i don't know how you would reset the password. sometimes you won't see the battery, but you will see a jumper for it.

    </font color=red><b><font color=orange>my sys:
    mobo: Abit AN7 @ 442 FSB
    CPU: AMPm 2600+ @ 4100+
    ram: crosair xms @ 1:1 running 2.5-3-3-6
    HDD: two raptors on raid 0
    vid: 9800pro @ 467mhz GPU and 834mhz ram
  2. found a link, but it is for a different ACER. might work
    As I remember they used dongles to reset bios.
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