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Sony webcamera driver windows 7

does any body have driver for camera VGN SZ58GN/C for sony vaio to install inbuilt webcam on windows 7
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  1. Hi vrij,

    Have you tried typing in your Sony Vaio model number here -,24,72&DIRECTOR=DRIVER&TC=b2b

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  2. Thanks,
    but i have already tried this, but it does not work on windows 7.

    iiita, india
  3. It's a Ricoh device, try this:
  4. True it is a Ricoh device. But it is ot working.
  5. if you have installed the driver you have to download webcam companion from sony support. after that it works but if you have another problem send me your email.
  6. it is not working
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    Contact Sony then and ask them for the driver. if they don't have one then there isn't one and you'll either have to change your OS or do without the webcam.
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