Hi help with PC video gaming recording!!!

Hi guys,

I am trying to record some MW2 gameplay using fraps. Its terrible and it cuts my frame rate from 80-90 too about 40-50 which makes it impossible for me to play as i normally do. Is there any other software that will not lower my frame rates yet will still be good quality?
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  1. i think using Gamecam will help u
  2. Thing is that FRAPS does no compression on the vids so it is saving alot of info to your HDD slowing disc access - are you using a seperate HDD to save the clip to that the one that the game files and windows OS are on ? that might help with the slow down or you could also try lowering the the resolution that you are playing in (ie. play in woindowed mode at a smaller resolution while recording) - the lower the game resolution the less info that is being recorded and thus the better framerate you can maintain while recording.
  3. No i am not using another hard drive and i dont have another one. I dont mind slightly lower quality.
  4. bnbader said:
    No i am not using another hard drive and i dont have another one. I dont mind slightly lower quality.

    Have you tried changing the settings under movies ?? it can be set to half size (so it records at half your screen resolution) and you can limit the FPS that get recorded so that it records smoother depending on your system ( Not sure if the free version has the various settings but on the full version it does !

  5. Cool, I didn't know that
  6. Its still really slow. I have a really strong computer.

    4GB Ram

    etc. I dunno i tried Xfire. Is there anyway to do it through an online website without using up a ton of the computers resources?
  7. I was going to suggest recording using Xfire or by halving the resolution you record at. If using another piece of software does not improve it, nor does decreasing recording quality, then your option might have to be to lower the actual game settings.
    Supposing, regardless of program, recording halves your frame rate, simply lower the settings until you get 120FPS average and record then.
    I suppose you could also simply play the game at half your native screen resolution, and record at "full size" then, which would effectively be like recording half size, but using a lot less resources in the process.
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