The Witcher windows 7 problem

i am a i donno whether this has been already posted or not, but i am facing this problem-
i am trying to run witcher in my pc but the game never runs?? i hav the retail version of the game and downloaded the EE patch along with the additional missions but it shows black screen wen running , i also tried with the new 1.5 patch but same problem. I hav played the game in XP and it runs well. Dunno wats he prob??
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  1. It seems that those Tage's drivers are incompatible with Windows 7, Windows blocks the installation of these drivers. For those who don't know, Tage's is a type of CD/DVD protection solution
  2. The 1.5 patch removed tages. No need for the dvd.
  3. Witcher should work. I played it under Windows 7. I didn't have to do anything special. Just installed it and patched it and it ran. I don't think I even had to set compatibility modes for it.
  4. Perhaps also check compatability options. right click the e.e file and go to the compatability tab.
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