WTB: CPU, RAM, or MB, considering all decent upgrade paths

Hello, my current computer has run me well but I am looking to upgrade an assortment of parts.

My specs are

AMD 620 Propus 2.8ghz
K9a2 Platinum MSI mobo
4gb DDR2 OCZ at 800mhz
Radeon 5850 MSI 1gb
550 BFG PSU(noisy mutha these days)
3 Different HDD(Western Digital 160gb, 2x Seagate 500gb)
1 SSD 64gb Kingston
DVDR Drive Samsung
HAF 932 Case

I am considering all upgrade options and can pay through paypal. If the offer is worthy. Computer parts are expensive these days and I dont need top of the line but I need something that can decently handle Rome 2 Total War and maybe Hawken. So tell me what you got! Thanks! :-)

P.S: Preferences for what I want to upgrade are in the title!
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  1. Hey there,
    I have an ASRock Z77 Pro4 board for sale. $80 if you are interested.
    Shoot me a PM
  2. i have a msi 890fx-gd70
    AMD Phenom deneb X4
    g-skill 4X4gb @ 2133
    power color HD6850
    send me a pm
  3. Cheapest price here:

    I got an

    AMD FX 4170 - with factory cooler
    Gigabyte TA990FXE
    2x2GB Patriot CAS 7 Ram sticks

    $160 shipped for it all, if you are in the lower 48 US states

    CPU runs very well, max 12 hour stable overclock I had it to was 4.8 Ghz, but I run it at stock speeds, just wanted to see how far it would go.

    the motherboard is older, one of the first to support AM3+ but its the latest version, purchased in Nov 2012 and supports dual SLI
    Have all the accessories that came in the motherboard box, like the backplate and all the SATA cables

    PM Me

  4. whoops, its almost a dead post :/

  5. DryCreamer said:

    whoops, its almost a dead post

    yeah, almost 60days..

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