Mobo dramas?!? help please!!

hi there....hoping someone can help me.

im a bit of a n00b when it comes to hardware and building pc's and stuff so excuse me if i sound like a complete idiot!

Ok heres the story.....yesterday i got an A64 3000 with a asus KV8 mobo, a radeon 9800 pro and 1gig of ddr corsair value select ram.

me and my friend put the heatsink and chip on very all went on smoothly and there was no horrible use of force ( as i have seen before with putting those things on!)..........we fitted my mobo into my case and put the ram in.

i then tried to power up and nothing happened.....the power went on , but it did not post.

we then had a look and realised that one stick of ram was not completly flush with the other ( about 3-4mm sticking up the way )..........then fitted it back in and same thing happend....could of this initial mistake screwed the lot of it????

another thing that i think could be the problem is my power is only a 300 output one.......i dont know if this is enuff or not....can anyone tell me???

also in the mobo book, it gave a list of "recomended" ram........corsair was NOT in there, my mate thinks this could be the issue and he is coming around tonight with his gig of samsung ddr ram to test ram was in the book.

if anyone has ANY thoughts on this please post up!

thanks in advance.
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  1. what optical/magnetic drives you got in there?

    Have you double checked all connections?
    I doubt it is your RAM
    It could be your PSU

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  2. This stuff is outlined in the first post of this forum. But I'm feeling generous today, so I'll repeat some of it:

    1.) Most newer boards require a 4-pin ATX12v (square) connector from the power supply. I doubt your power supply has this, and since it's used to power the CPU voltage regulator, not connecting it results in a typical "no CPU" type boot, where you turn the power on with the power supply and the system powers up without the use of the front panel power button, but with no beeps and no post.

    2.) There's a chance your board might be grounded by a mounting post which doesn't line up with a screw hole in the board

    3.) Your power supply probably isn't powerfull enough even if it does have the ATX12v connector.

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