Assassin's creed keeps freezing. help

hi guys,

my pc is

quad core, 4g ram, hd5570 lp, etc

more than enough to play first sequal of Assassin's creed.

The problem is

I cant tell which areas that it freezes but so far

these are the places it froze.

1. very in the beginning, in the castle, the little up hill.

2. right before the main gate of the damacus?
(right after you save random citizen infront of the gate and after talking to him.)

i do not know why, but I managed to get away with this freezes by looking up in the sky walking.

if I just walk straight it freezes,

can anyone please help me?
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  1. Have you upgraded to the latest video drivers? If so, I would uninstall and reinstall them first.

    Also, sometimes uninstalling and reinistalling the application can help as well.
  2. I agree with the above and would add that you should also try to lower your graphics settings in the game... give it a try, sometimes that will help. :wahoo:

    3D Gaming
  3. hi guys, thanks for reply,
    I do have the latest video card driver,
    I have reinstalled AC twice
    I still have this problem...

    if I lower the graphic and works... what would be the problem?? because I believe
    my rig is more than enough to run maxed out first sequal of Asscreed...
  4. Well, your 5570 is NOT the fastest card in the world. The lowest you should go would be a 5750 (which is what I have) and that is possibly the lowest gaming card you should have.

    A 4870 outperforms the 5570 and that is probably your main issue. 5570's are not meant for gaming. Also, how much memory is on the 5570? These days, you need a minimum of 512mb but you should really try to get a card with 1gb of dedicated memory.
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