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Hey!! guys
i have a question about my gaming mouse..
i am having 2nd thoughts abt the Razer Deathadder i bought a month back..
it's been a month and it still feels a little large for my hands :( though my hands are not small
I am considering in buying an intelli or logitech mX518... but i wud b happy if u cud suggest something that will make me happy with the deathadder. i love the looks of that mice very much ;)

i use the mice mostly for LAN sessions in CS..
i am happy with other razer products.. my lycosa mirror and goliathus alpha..

lots of luv ;)
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  1. Razer Lachesis is great. It is a bit smaller than the deathadder
  2. I don't know about you guys but I still love my Logitech G5... I use it in CS all the time....
  3. I spent a huge amount of time trying to find a mouse for myself. I tried pretty much ever one I could find. I ended up getting a Saitek Cyborg. Not the prettiest looking thing, but its extremely comfortable and can change its length to better fit your hand. Is worth looking into if your looking for a new mouse.
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