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First of all i have always had problems with gigabyte boards. I waited a few years for them to get their acts together and nothing happened!!!

I just bought the K8NS Pro motherboard by gigabyte. Its based on the nforce3 250. I though this broad would be very promising. its not! None on the sata controllers work on the motherboard! the motherboard overclocks it self, which causes insatiability. There are misspellings and incorrectly labeled items in the bios. The only way i got windows or even Linux to install is to use pci sata controller card. But i still get restarts for no reasons.

Does anyone have any information on how to fix these issues? Other wise i am sending this board back. Also i have not found any other motherboards with the nforce3 250, does anyone know when more will come out? Preferably the 250gb.

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  1. Well, there are several posts here about needing to have your SATA drivers on a floppy when you install windows, and hitting F6 when it says "Hit f6 to install 3rd party raid drivers... etc" If you can get windows installed, would suggest flashing bios and getting latest chipset drivers. To answer your other question, MSI has the K8N Neo Platinum coming out with the NForce3 250 chipset, and it is the board I plan to put in my A64 3200+ system.
  2. Why don't you try Gigabyte tech support? Personally, I wouldn't trust you to build a bird house right. Congratulations, you are the first person on THG to trash this board! :tongue:

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  3. First you said:
    First of all i have always had problems with gigabyte boards. I waited a few years for them to get their acts together and nothing happened!!!

    Then you said:
    I just bought the K8NS Pro motherboard by gigabyte.

    So let me get this straight. You have <i>always</i> had problems with Gigabyte boards. Then you waited for a few years to see if their quality had improved. You deduced that, in fact, the quality hadn't changed. Then you bought a new Gigabyte board anyway. You are having problems with it and are upset because you figured you wouldn't have problems with it although you <i>always</i> had problems with them in the past. I am floored by your logic.

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  4. Ok. Anyone that has a brain can figure out about installing the drivers for you sata controller. It even says it in the book about 8 times. So that is not my problem. Plus every board I have for the past 2-3 years I have had to do this. No biggy.

    As for techsupport, have you ever tried to call a company’s techsupport. Its horrible. But I will try it tomorrow.

    My Logic states that maybe they are new to the game and are just getting their feet wet. Give them some time and let them put on some boots before buying again. Meaning that they didn’t know anything about building motherboard a few years ago and now they should have worked out their problems. And it didn’t happen.

    When does the msi board come out?

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  5. Oh stop it! Gigabyte "New to the game?" Everbody gets flustered. Sit down, shut up, and figure this problem out. See if Scottchen can help you out. He has an A64 build on a Chaintech Nforce3-250 board.

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  6. This to cybercraig.
    Its funny, those who usually know nothing (or very little) start downing others to make themselves feel better about their own inadequacies. Which is weird because everyone has them. I personally don’t understand why you are being so apprehensive toward me when I am attempting to find a solution to a problem. But I would advise that unless you have something worth reading then don’t post. Because its obvious that one else read your comments in my post. I personally prefer a productive environment not what you are trying to promote.

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  7. IIRC, Setting up the SATA on the these new NF3 250Gb boards is a bit different because you need TWO drivers to load after pressing F6 and going through the driver selection. That could be your problem with the SATA.

    Also, on GB boards, you need to press CTRL-F1 in the BIOS to access the overclocking options. I would try raising your memory voltage or relaxing the timings.

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  8. I guess if you can't flame it here, flame it at Newegg!


    I just received this board on Wednesday the 19th. I finally got windows to install properly on Thursday evening over 22 hours later. This board has problems, and lots of them. The onboard sata controllers do not allow you to install windows. Both have errors and refuse to install. In fact had to buy a pci sata controller in order to even get windows installed! But once that happened my problems weren’t over. The motherboard overclocks it self, in my case my 80mhz. I have pc2700 memory and instead of running at 166 it runs at 172 automatically! And the best part is that you can’t force it not to! In the bios there’s an option for the fsb frequency and even though it’s set at 200, when windows loads it jumps to 208. Now you should have caught the mistake by now. 172 is 6mhz higher then 166, but in order to get a fsb of 208 you need to get 8hmz. This is another problem with the overlocking feature of the board, it think its called easytune4. It doesn’t work!! It doesn’t overclock, it doesn’t underclock, it does however change the cpu voltages, but that’s the only thing that works.
    By Count Son-go-cukoo.

    ROFLMAO! :lol:

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  9. I havent used one of these boards so i cant tell you much about the SATA, the random reboots sound like memory. I had the same problem with my MSI board but its just because i was too cheap to buy decent RAM. As it was metioned before turning the timmings down might help, i had to acctually underclock my RAM to 266 MHZ instead of the 333MHZ to fix my problem.

    My system specs: Athlon XP 2500+ barton, 512MB PC2700 RAM, MSI motherboard, WD 80GB special edition, ASUS radeon 9600XT
  10. ok, the manual says nothing about 2 drivers. do you have anymore information?

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  11. Actually, I think the dual driver setup might only be for RAID, I'm not positive though. But nevertheless it's something new and specific to these 250Gb boards. <A HREF="http://www.msi.com.tw/program/support/manual/mnu/spt_mnu_detail.php?UID=572" target="_new">MSI's manual</A> has an excellent overview and description of the procedure starting on p.86. But once again, I'm not positive if this applies to a single disk on the SATA channel. I think it's worth looking into/trying.

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  12. BTW, I'd make sure the SATA devices are enable in the BIOS.
    Here's a description of setting up the two drivers from MSI's manual. It might not apply to a non-RAID setup though...
    (1) Insert the floppy that has the RAID driver, press S, then press Enter. The
    Windows Setup screen appears as below:
    (2) Select “NVIDIA RAID CLASS DRIVER” and then press Enter.
    (3) Press S again at the Specify Devices screen, then press Enter.
    (4) Select “NVIDIA NForce Storage Controller” and then press Enter.

    MSI Reminds You...
    Please follow the instruction below to make an nVIDIA Serial ATA RAID driver for yourself.
    1. Insert the MSI CD into the CD-ROM drive.
    2. Ignore the Setup screen and use “Explorer” to browse the CD.
    3. Copy all the contents (including the sub-folders) in the
    \\nVidia\System\CK8S\Win2k-XP\IDE\WinXP to a formatted
    floppy disk.
    4. The driver disk for nVIDIA Serial ATA driver is done.
    nVIDIA RAID Introduction

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  13. thanks, i will try it after work. But atlest i did get my system stable. I had to use the overclocking features, and underclock my ram to 150.

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