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Hi guys,

I got a asus a7n8x-x board with a DDR 400 512mb dimm from ( micron i think ) I plan on putting another dimm to have 1 gig running in dual channel mode.

<b>QUESTION</b>: Do i REALLY need to buy the excact same dimm module, or another good quality dimm should run everything fine ???


I got a XP2500 running at 333 ( may overclock CPU as bit by FSB )

ram will NOT be overclocked, and mostly will run UNDER 400mhz.

opinions ?
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  1. No, AMD dual-channel just staggers memory timings to reduce latency. Buying another high-quality module should do it, and remember, your timings don't need to be that agressive (that's what the dual channel does, stagger reads to reduce latency). Anyway, if it doesn't work in dual-channel, running it in single channel should not entail that much of a performance hit. AMD procs don't need the uber bandwidth like Intel ones do.
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