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Hey guys,
I haev a Motorola SB4101 Cable modem, with the most recent USB drivers from the website.

I installed the modem on my brothers VIAKT266 board, and it seems to recognise it in network properties, but it does not get an ip address and does not appear in winipcfg. We used to use both use NIC's as the method for using the internet, but now we want to shar eit, through USB and one NIC in each computer.

It cannot detect my modem though, th drivers are installed but nothing is happening. I can stioll use the net through NIC's perfectly, but what should i do to get it sharing? It can';t detect it. Should i remove his NIC physically and see if it detects it? chagne properties? help please!! :)

PS my brothers board is an MSIKT266, not the KT266A
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  1. Okay I'm not completely clear on whats going on. You have a modem and it is working with one computer through USB? When you say that both computers can't detect the modem that's how it should be, the only computer that going to show the modem is the one connected to it using USB. You don't want/need any drivers for the modem on the PC that is connected to the other PC through the NICs, the modem does not exist to this PC as far as it's concerned. What you need to ensure is that the network is working between the two. Can you access files from one computer on the other, play games together, or ping one another? In Windows there is a way to setup up Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).

    Helpful Links:
    <A HREF=";en-us;Q306126" target="_new">ICS how to for WinXP</A>
    <A HREF=";en-us;Q234815" target="_new">Description of ICS for 98/ME/2000</A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">Webcast on ICS for 98/ME</A>
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