What's going on?!

To put things simply, my copy of Windows 7 is going absolutely haywire. :heink: What an introduction...

I've had Win7 64-bit installed on my PC (AMD P2 x4 965 on MSI 790FX-GD70) for about a year now, and it's been working perfectly up until the past month or two. What's wrong with it? I have absolutely no idea.

First, it randomly started refusing to boot. I'd get through POST, but once Windows started to load, it would kill itself. Here's what happened: POST -> Flash of normal "Starting Windows" screen -> 1-2 seconds of "Startup Repair" screen -> Black screen with blinking white 'command' line.

I'd then reset it, and it would give me something different:
POST -> Hang on "SATA 2 - ATAPI CDROM..."

Reset it again, and it would pick one of the two errors to throw up. After about 5 resets, it may finally get into Windows. Oh boy. Here comes the fun.

Problem 1:
Windows Firewall won't start, nor will the Base Filtering Engine. I did do a repair install of windows which seemed to fix all my services, but led to more problems.

Problem 2:
Wireless Network Card randomly disappearing. I'd have to shut down the computer, reseat the card, and restart it about two times for it to show back up. Troubleshooting detected an "Issue with the hardware or drivers", and promptly told me to go buy an Ethernet Cord, run it through my wall, and plug it into my rear port.

Problem 3:
Display drivers randomly crashing. This isn't quite so common, but it's happened 3 times now. Ill get booted into Windows to find myself staring at an 800x600 screen in 256 colors with a notification to "Install display drivers". It's an easy fix - just reinstall the latest CCC - but gets seriously annoying.

Problem 4:
System Restore won't work. I've tried twice now to put it back as far as it can go, but that's only to when I did a repair install. Either way, it gives me an error once it finishes saying that it was unable to complete successfully, and to try a different restoration method.

Problem 5:
Programs Crashlagging. It's not a crash and it's not lag... I'll be on the internet for about five minutes, and then all of the sudden everything will go unresponsive - the mouse, the keyboard, everything. I'll have to sit and wait for about 20 seconds for it to come back online and be usable again. I've only ever had this happen to me on the internet, which leads me to believe that I have a separate issue here with my Network Card.

Well, that sums it up. I do have one thing you should probably know, though. I've tried to do a complete format/reinstall of Windows on my better HDD out of the RAID array, but it tells me "Windows cannot be installed on this drive - drive is failing." I then tried to put it on the other 4 year old one and it gave me the same thing. The only time I can get it to install is when they're either in a RAID-0 or RAID-1 array. I'm assuming this is my problem, but can someone confirm this before I blow $150 on either a couple 1tb drives or an SSD?
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  1. Sounds like a PSU or motherboard is on it's way out.
  2. Nah, I don't think it's the PSU, and I really hope it's not the motherboard...
    It may be the PSU, since I have the intake facing downwards on it. My USB bracked cables hung down in the fan if I faced it into the case... I really shouldn't have mounted it like that.

    I was just checking around, and saw that the System Restore I tried erased all the programs I installed and put shortcuts on the desktop to. I'm out HWMonitor, Flight Simulator, and some other small things now...

    I have problems seeing it as being the motherboard, just because everything seems to make it until Windows/the HDDs take over. I'll probably go out and buy a better Network Card anyway, so I'll tell you how it goes...

    I have a feeling that half of these problems are partially my fault and easily fixed, too, since I haven't had problems with the blinking white line or SATA-2 hangs since I started taking the CDs out of my cheap $12 SATA DVD Drive before I shut the system down. I have a feeling that the drive was trying to get the motherboard to boot from it since there was a CD in it... I'll have to stick something in it and reboot a few times and see what happens. Actually, the whole thing's been doing pretty good recently; the only thing that's happened in the past 2 weeks has been the wireless going haywire, but that was just after I'd moved it to another room and plugged it into a 42" 1080p television... I had all kinds of problems when I brought it back and stuck it back on my monitor for some reason.

    I'm going to cry if my GD70 dies already...
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