I can't rememnber the name of this game

I'm looking for this old school point and click mystery game. It's from the early 90s at least 91 to 93 it could be older I don't know. I recall that you are this private eye trying to solve the murder of this guy's daughter. I'm not sure if it's the private eye's or the chief of police, but I do remember that there's a cut scene where the girl gets these patches which are infused with some sort of recreational drug, and she puts on a bunch of these patches and her skin starts to melt off and that's how she dies. You start off at your place and you have to get a rose for your cop girlfriend who's angry at you for standing her up. You must give her the rose and take her out later in order to smooth things over and get info on the drug dealer who's selling these patches. I don't remember much else except the girlfriend gives you this address and the drug dealer is on the floor of his bedroom covered in patches and his skin is melting off and dies. You could click on him and get a small pop up style video of his skin melting off you have to look around and pick up clues but if you stay too long you get arrested. The game is not live action like phantasmagoria, and is mainly text for the dialog. If anyone has any clue to what game I'm talking about or know of a website that could help me with finding this game please email me at
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  1. First game I could find that sounded anywhere near similar is Rise of the Dragon. I don't know if it's anything like it at all since I've never played it but it's got the private eye, a daughter, and drugs... But it says she turns into a lizard so maybe that's not quite right.
  2. haunted manor maybe?
  3. I looked up the title and Rise of The Dragon sounded like the game I was looking for but sadly it isn't' It's only for the Sega CD console and we never had one. It's awful similar though. The game I'm looking for was set in modern times I think and was a PC game. The daughter wasn't mutated her skin melted off. This drug would cause the victim's skin would melt off like that guy in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Haunted Manor also wasn't the game. Thank you both for the help though.
  4. Could it be Ripper..??

    Platform(s) DOS
    Release date(s) February 29, 1996
  5. No the only Ripper game for DOS is the one with Christopher Walkin in it. The game I'm trying to find had nothing to do with Virtual Reality or Jack The Ripper. It's also not live action video it was, pixels. I think it was made around 1992 or 1993 because I was 11 or 12 at the time I played it.
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