Best Temporary/Backup Gaming Headset

ok so here's what happened.

I was/am the proud owner of a logitech g35 gaming headset. I took them to a lan party at my school. As tends to happen when you gather lots of college students with copious amounts of mountain few and pizza, something broke.

It was, obviously, my nice logitech g35 headset. (one of the earpieces broke where it twists for comfort and I accidentally snapped it completely off in my attempt to fix it)

also, being a college student I happen to be broke right now and cannot afford to replace them atm.

so my question is what headset should I buy to use in the meantime?

prefer: good for gaming, I don't listen to much music, but I do watch movies on my pc.

under $50 I can't afford anything more than this till June.

Does not strictly have to have a mic (i have a zalman clip on,but I find it annoying and low quality) so would prefer one that has a mic attached.

Prefer Noise canceling, but since its backup/temp, doesn't have to have it.

This will be my main headset for approx. 3 months, then will act as a backup in case my main one breaks, will also be the one I take to LAN parties/friends/travel in the future.

I was thinking about getting the Logitech Precision Gaming Headset (on sale, + $7 off code --logi_040910-- for total of $14.99+shipping) but wanted to get some expert opinions before committing.

Thanks in advance for expert advice free of fanboism, raging, or trolling.
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  1. Truthfully, for under $50, it doesnt matter what you get. You arent going to get long lasting quality for under 50 bux so I would say just go to a best buy and spend 30 or 40.
    and I cant help but ask, what college party JUST has mountain dew and pizza?
    sorry haha but I find that pretty funny.
  2. Hmm...ok, Thanks for the response...why does nobody ever read these posts, but you post about an odd game issue and you get 1000 ppl looking at it instantly?

    Anyways, I may do that, any suggestions for brands or does that not matter either?

    P.S. The college party had only mountain dew and pizza (so far as I know) bcuz it was sponsored by Softek inc. and they were the ones who payed for all of it (as well as let us use their networking stuff).
  3. Ahh alright that explains it
    So I would definitely go with a popular brand. There is a reason that a companies name is respected.
    Just look for something with the specs/features that you want, and if there is a big price difference because of company name, then go with the cheaper one.
    Glad I could help you.
    Its because we get quite a few questions about the best gaming accessories, that people are tired of answering, I think
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