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Dane Bouwer is Left 4 Dead

I got Left for dead, and playing about 10 minutes into the game, it crashes!! now i can't carry on with L4D 2!!

Inno 3D GTX 260
E 8500 Coes 2 Duo 3.16 Ghz
Asrock Penryn 1600-110-Sli Motherboard
650W psu
Vista 64 bit Ultimate

Dane (South Africa) P.S. Whose all coming down for the Soccer World Cup??
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  1. Hello fellow South African Dane! Don't need to come down for the World Cup, I'm already here.

    You're going to have to be a bit more specific about the error. First and foremost, is this a legal version of the game? If it's a pirated copy you're not going to get much help.
  2. hey there!

    well, it was from my friends original game, and to give him the dvd back, I cracked the game.... i hope that is the problem, see what we do is, one game he will buy, the next one i will buy.... I don't believe in piracy and i feel that that is the reason why the games are so expensive!!!

    anyway, where abouts are you from? what team will you be rooting for?

    thank you for your input!!!
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    Can't help you then I'm afraid. I recommend you re-install the game, play it legally using the disk, and see if the problem still occurs. If it does, you have a system-related problem. If not, piracy is to blame and you need to buy your own copy to keep playing.

    P.S. I live and work in Pretoria and will be supporting Bafana, even though I don't think they'll progress very far.
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