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when ever i use face book, my computer continually has message; Windows internet explorer (not responding)
Please could someone tell me why, or how to fix. I am becoming a victim of torets do to this problem.
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  1. r u useing ie 6,7, or 8?
  2. FireFox and Google Chrome are two very good Browsers and they are free too!

    If you're having problems then just switch to anyone of these:


  3. Who uses IE anymore. Ok, I do, but I'm forced to by NMCI while I'm on the USMC network. But that doesn't stop me from having a portable app of firefox. USE FIREFOX! It works.
  4. why use fire fox? when i can get opera!
  5. Why use IE when you can get something else?!
  6. he's got a point.
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