Will my laptop run WoW?

Hey everyone, new user here and wondering if a laptop i'm looking at will run World of Warcraft or how well it will run it.

It is the Alienware M11x.
Overclockable Intel® Pentium™ SU4100 1.3GHz (2MB Cache)
2GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 800MHz
1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 335M
Only worried about the out of date processor ad only 2gb of RAM.
This is the default the laptop comes with, so I was just wondering if should upgrade to anything else available.
Thanks for the help.
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  1. WoW isn't exactly the most demanding system game to get running, so I would say that YES it would run on the laptop. Now, that being said, you of course will not be able to run the game at max settings.. but you would be able to play.
  2. Alright thanks for the reply
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