Never ever do THIS!

System spec: Asus p4t-3 850
p4 2.6 @ 2.6
1000 Mb pc 800 RDRAM
250 Gb wd jb
200 Gb wd jb
Leadteck gf4 Ti-4400
Audigy platinum

Well, I decided to do some "spring" cleaning on my pc, and also to reinstall win 2000 after being fed up with xp errors everytime I would point to a avi file(I tryed all the fixes, but nothing worked. The results where catastrophical.....
1.After cleaning the pc, system worked fine and decided to install win 2000. Installed ok except could not make any of my network cards to work (virus?).Tryed 3 times all with new format of c. Lost one night. Decided to install back xp pro. Installed o.k. except could not install internet explorer or windows explorer.(virus?) Tryed 2 times. Lost 6 hours.

2.Decided to install os on a new hardrive. After losing 1 h trying to screw my new hardrive into a hard drive cooler from Cooler master(What a stupid design for attaching the drive!), I proceded to intall it in my Cooler Master case. Being tired and rushing the 2 fan wires from the small fan inside the hard drive cooler got pressed against the chasis and something shorted.Heavy smoke comes out of my pc...

Now the system won't post. I installed the power suply on a diferent pc and it works fine, checked voltages via software and they look o.k.
Question # 1: Is it posible that my power supply is o.k. even doch heavy smoke came out of it?

The motherboard led is on & cpu fan works. I exchanged the cpu and still nothing no post, no video & no sound...

Question # 2:Do I need a new motherboard?

I have no way of testing if my video card is good.What should I do?

Being stupid sucks. What are my choices now?
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  1. You put the old board in a new case, you probably shorted the back of it out with a misplaced mounting post.

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  2. One thing I learned is to never ever get impatient when working with mecanically uncooperative hardware, be it when tweaking, overclocking or reseating/installing components.

    The worst place to screw up (no puns intended) is when tightning screws around a HSF (where you can end up crushing both the CPU core and the motherboard) but I concur that smoking a PSU is one of the baddest thing a DIY computer builder can experience.

    Connecting a blown up PSU to some fresh hardware is a gamble at best, just RMA the thing and try to annoy the retailer into getting a new one on the spot =)

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