[FS/FT] AMD Never Settle Reloaded Bundle and Samsung Infuse 4G

[#0c00ff][#eeff00]Selling mint condition Infuse 4G and AMD Crysis3\Bioshock Gamebundle
*Phone has a tiny chip on outside bezel this is not visible when body glove is on phone
[/#ff000c][/#eeff00]. Chip is shown in the 4th picture.

AMD Game Bundle -

[#04ff00][#faff00]Trades that I'll accept.

AMD 7950 - Will pay for difference
Cherry Mx Red Switch Tenkeyless keyboard. (Preferably Noppoo Choc Mini)
HD 555/595/598 or any other good Hi-fi headphones and a High quality sound card.

All Items will be shipped from Texas, through USPS.
Feel free to pm me on here or at ( Username: ImRy4n) or (Hardforum Username : Itzryan)
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  1. Bump
  2. I would recommend selling your infuse on ebay, I just sold mine a couple months ago on there, and you'll most likely make more
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