Hello again!

I'm writting because I'm having some bothering issues with this great game. I played it once, but then, the next day, I had to uninstall it because of a misterious crash. After re-installing it, I played. Everything fine, but then, when I loaded a previous game, It had a crash again. I started a new game, and no problem at all. It is because the game clock? Or something else?

My system is:

Phenom II X3 720 BE; 3,2 Gb RAM; HD 4670 1 Gb RAM; SATA HDD 7200 RpM 500 Gb. I'm using Win 7 Ultimate 32 bits

And I'm running Super anti spyware. The crash was detected by this app. Anyway, I shutted it down before trying again the game the first time it failed. But the issue was still there.

Please HELP!
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  1. SOC suffered from issues with regards to corrupted saves, and quite a following was developed resolving them, but CS was much better from what i could tell, COP, not sure of, i'm waiting for a patch before starting it, usually the patches have made previous saves unplayable.

    In short I can't help, but felt like typing.
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    delete all your quick saves or auto saves.
  3. thx i'll be considering that. Anyway, i've been playing and I haven't had any problems (YET) Anything wrong I'll be reporting here!
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