Windows 7 64x Problem! new to the forums ,

my problem is that....let me start from the beggining- first it started in games , i was thinking of hardware first so i double-checked that , and it turned out to be software , what happens is that , the PC is basicaly SLOW , or late , i mean for eg :i press F 3 times in chat and it becames 8 times or things like that
after some time it started to appear in the desktop too , . how do i know its software ? because after i restart my PC its gonne for like 30 mins , also when this thing happens , if i press any other keys it makes some sound , like a windows error

so if any of you can help me without the need to reinstall my windows that would be great :bounce:

thanks alot and i hope you can help me!

PS: im unistalling newly installed programs , but doesnt seem to work

PSS: sorry for my bad english , English is not my mother launguage

PSSS:Contact Xfire:StalkerX4
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  1. What anti-virus program are you using? Update it's virus definitions, and run a complete scan of your computer.
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