Selling parts of my old system :: Mobo/RAM/CPU/Video

Here's what's included:
Q9550 Quad Core
Zalman Heatsink
8GB Kinston Hypex mem modules (2 by four banks)
x2 Radeon 5850's.

If I get some interest, I'l post pics! Don't wanna tear the machine down unless somebody is serious interested in buying.

I really don't want to sell the parts separately. But will consider letting one of the 5850's go and sell the system with one video card.

Just post here, or pm if interested!
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  1. How much are you trying to get?
  2. @Confzled: I need to price the stuff to know what it's worth, really. I will entertain serious offers though.

    If you're interested I'll tear it down in the morning and post pics; so, let me know. I can also include a pretty decent 650 watt Crossair PSU.
  3. Are you from the UK?
  4. No USA.
  5. Would you mind pricing it
  6. I could do $310 plus S&H.

    After looking at all the auctions, this is a great deal. Here's how it breaks down:
    Q9550: $80
    Radeons $70 x 2
    MoBo $33
    Zalman Cooler $10
    RAM 60

    If anyone would like to see pics, please P.M. me. I'll send a photobucket link in return. I don't wanna violate the board's policies by "bumping" this thread again.
  7. Which Zalman Cooler is that specifically? I might be interested in just that, if you're willing to part it out. You are likely to get more money for parting it out, and parts will go fast. If you can't sell all of the parts at least you are only left with one or two parts and cash rather than a whole PC you can't sell.
  8. I may also be interested in at least one of the HD5850s if you can offer a good price.
  9. I'm interested in the cpu and motherboard. Check your pm please.
  10. Hi :)


    Please read the rules >>>

    BEFORE you post again.... pictures, prices etc.....

    All the best Brett :)
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