Does multi threading an i7 help with gaming?

I know some games use 3 cores, I haven't heard of any that use 4. So do any games benefit from multi threading? If some do, is it rare? I'm going to turn it off if the majority of gaming I do won't benefit from it.
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  1. If gaming is the main purpose, then opt for a Phenom II or i5 750.

    Dedicate more money towards gfx card.
  2. I already have an i7, so does it?
  3. Have a look to this article.
    It shows performance of a i3, x3 720(tri core) and Phenom II 955 and an i7-870 for gaming.,2588.html

    This might help.

    BTW i7 is too powerful for gaming.
    It will last long for gaming purpose :)
  4. Thanks.

    I've read that but it doesn't tell me if multi threading has a negative effect on gaming.
  5. It doesn't have a negative effect on gaming.
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