Building an Athlon 64 PC ASAP

Heya. I am looking to build a new system asap. My current system just died, and I need something up and running.

I have decided on the AMD Athlon64 3200+ processor. I do not plan on OCing initially, but I may down the line. From here on I have a few questions.

1.) Should I get the retail version w/ stock fan/heatsink or should I get an OEM and put a better fan/heatsink on?

2.) I have read a lot about the nForce3 250Gb, but they do not seem to be available yet. Since I need a board now, what is the best that could be purchased now?

3.) Any ram recommendations?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. THanks!
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  1. Check pricewatch for nforce boards. Just type "nforce3 250" in the motherboards category. Last time I checked, there was a chaintech and gigabyte model, both receiving mixed reviews at newegg. Another possibility is an sis 755 board, the k8s8x from asrock, which received great reviews and is only $85 at newegg. I would go with the retail boxed version of the athlon 64 and get a 3 year warranty. I just used mine for a p4, and Intel got me a new cpu in about 6 days. For memory, I would check the manufacturer's recommendations, or just go with crucial pc3200 (regular, not registered), which you can buy directly at their website.
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