Need MOBO with ISA/EISA Slot (historical reasons)


I am looking for a new mobo that has one ISA (or EISA) slot. My reason is that I have a piece of history to preserve. I was on the team that invented the integrated fax modem (c. 1990), and I still have the first-article hardware prototypes for both internal and external modems. The external stopped working some years ago, but I've kept the internal running for sentimental reasons--even though it only does 2400 bps data, 4800 bps fax.

This has been running for years in a box consisting of an ASUS P3V4X, 400MHzP2 with 768 megs of PC-133 memory. I use this machine as a web server and a backup site for the other machines on my net.

Recently, the machine has started to hang every few days. I've pulled everything out of the box except the cpu and 128K of memory and it still hangs. The CPU never overheats, and the power supply is solid.

I can't tolerate this much longer because it hosts my web server. So, the handwriting is on the wall. If I want to keep my museum-piece modem going, I need a replacement mobo with either a ISA or EISA slot. I'm indifferent to Intel/AMD, but I would like a 2GHz-class CPU and to preserve my investment in PC-133 if possible.

Any recommendations would be appreciated. I would even accept a used boards so long as it met my specs.



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  1. You're probably looking at something used I think. Something like an old Asus CUBX has one ISA slot on the very bottom of the board. It'll only take about a PIII 1 GHz. though so it's a little slower than you want.

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  2. I believe there are 3 companies making P4 boards with ISA slots. One of them is QDI (BCM). The main reasons that such a new board would have such a slot is for the PLC/robotics/automated production field where it's much easier to make custom ISA cards than PCI cards.

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  3. Nexcom ( make new Pentium 4 motherboards with ISA slots. They are of industrial grade but should be fine for any application.
  4. I'va done a search on ebay, and there is P3V4X for sale. You would not need to reinstall the OS. And for the industrial grade MB, you will probably pay a premium for it. I don't necessarly recommend this kind of MB for your usage.

    NOTE : Too bad, I sold my own P3V4X based system 2 months ago! I would have been glad to sell it to you.

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