Sold WTS High End Gaming PC (UK)

Selling a water-cooled High End Gaming PC, the case is 5 months old, but most of the other parts were bough this January, the case is heavily modded, runs every game maxed out, selling it cause its big and I'm looking to build a mini PC that i could travel with:

It would come without any hard drives, no keyboard, no mouse, no monitor, just the case with all the goodness in it.

complete part by part spec:
CPU: AMD FX 8350
CPU Block: XSPC Rasa
Mobo: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 AMD 990FX
RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB
Case: Cooler Master HAF-X (modded, hdd rack removed to allow installation of 200mm phobya radiator, bottom right side of the 5.25 bays has been modded (little hole drilled, its not visible and doesnt impact the fuctionality of the bay) to allow access to the bleeding screw on the rad)
PSU: OCZ ZX Series 850W 80+ GOLD PSU Fully Modular PSU
GPU: Sapphire HD 7950 3GB
GPU Block: EK-VGA Supremacy
Radiators: Phobya Xtreme 200mm , XSPC RS 360mm
Pump: Alphacool VPP655 Laing D5 Variable pump

Bays: Lian Li EX-36B1 Quad 3.5" / Dual 2.5" HDD Rack (modded so it could fit directly under the top rad (for when I used to have a DVD drive))
XSPC Dual 5.25 Reservoir

13 x EK Fittings (10 x Compression Fittings, 2 x 45 degree fittings, 1 x 90 degree fitting)
Mayhems X1 Blood Red Coolant mixed with Mayhems Clear Blue UV Dye
2 Pure Silver Kill Coils
Clear 1/2 OD Tubing

2 x Sharkoon UV 30cm Kit, Cathode on top. bottom, and both sides of the side panel.

3 x 120 mm F12 Actic Cooling (on the 360 rad as push fans)
1 x 120 mm Cooler Master Sickleflow red LED (front of the HDD rack)
1 x 140 mm stock Corsair (back of the case)
1 x 180 mm Silverstone AirPenetrator (pull fan on the Phobya rad)
1 x 230 mm CM MegaFlow red LED (front intake fan)
1 x 200 mm CM MegaFlow red LED (side intake fan)
1 x 200 mm CM MegaFlow blue LED (one of the top exhaust fans)
1 x 200 mm CM MegaFlow black / no LED (the other top exhaust fan)
3 x 50mm NoiseBlocker XS2 UV/Blue (attached to the motherboard to cool mosfets and northbridge)

looking for 900£ price is negotiable (don't be afraid to make any offers)

can provide more details and more pics on request.

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  1. Also willing to part it out tho, only the mobo, cpu, case, radiators, ram, reservoir, and fans (id keep the rest for my new build)
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