Should I be getting more FPS?

I am as tired of these threads as the rest of you, but I cant help but think that I should be getting better FPS in BC2
I average between 30-45 during actual gameplay, and never go above or below that usually (45 is the very highest i ever get)
My specs are in my sig, all at stock speeds.
Thanks for any input
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  1. What res are you playing at and what settings. It REALLY is a depanding game. AA and AF really put a hurting on it as well. Try turning off HBAO it can really take down your FPS. I borrowed an 8800GTS/512 while my 5870 is in for RMA repair. I am running on an i7 @4GHz at 1680x1050 and my details are on high, AA & AF are x1, and HBAO is OFF. I get about 60FPS most of the time, VSync is ON. So with a GTX260 you should be able to turn up the AA and AF to x2 or x4 maybe.

    Here is a little slideshow of what HBAO is. It is basically a lighting effect.
  2. i have always kept HBAO off. vsync on 1440x900 AA16x and 4 or 8 doesnt change much at all anisotrophic 8x
    edit: i changed AA to 4 and anisotrphic to 4 and i get about 50fps now avg with quite a few drops to 45
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