Appraisal: Acer EG31M Mobo, Micron 2x2gb ddr2 666mhz.

Just wondering how much the Acer EG31M Mobo and Micron 2x2gb ddr2 666mhz would be worth separately?
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  1. used or new in box?
    exceptional price difference and needing to find someone with that machine needing
    a quick google and i got $225 new in box for the mobo and $65 used (no-DOA)
    RAM would be $25ea new in box and $13 used for 5300 DDR2, but @ 2GB sticks is
    desirable for capacity.

  2. Both used and without a box, is that $13 per stick or $13 per set?
  3. per stick and shipped

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