Xbox 360 USB headphones or use my Reciever?

Hi everyone I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but it was the closest thing i could find to the topic. The question is whether it would be better to use headphones that connect directly to the xbox 360 via USB or headphones that connect to my receiver via a 6.35mm headphone output (i use an adapter). If I didn't state something clearly please ask what it is that i meant. Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Could you specify which headphones you're speaking of? Are you talking about a headset (headphones + mic) or just headphones?
  2. well I wouldn't do much talking but I guess a mic would be cool too. But to be using a mic along with the receiver would be almost impossible i think. lets say i would get some turtle beach x11s? something around the 50-100 price range. Lets say i get the best pair of headphones/headset for that price would i notice any sound difference from my receiver to the USB from the xbox 360? oh and btw my xbox 360 is connected to the receiver using an optical cable.
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