[SOLD] Xbox 360 Slim 4gb + Games and Accessories

I have here for sale my xbox 360 Slim which is in pretty good condition, has a few minor scratches. but nothing that reflects on the performance. It is the 4gb version and I have had it for exactly one year, and have only played it a handful of times as I have not had much time to game these days.. Comes with all original packaging/Manuals

Also for sale are: 3 wireless controllers, 1 being a halo 4 limited edition, and 1 wired controller, a charging station with rechargeable battery packs which can charge 2 of the controllers, all in excellent condition.

The wired controller: SOLD --- Halo 4 Limited Edition Controller: SOLD --- 2 Wireless Black controllers: SOLD -- Charging Station: SOLD

Game for sale: Halo 4 (SOLD) Comes with casing and manuals

All of which can be bundled with the system and or sold separately, I am asking SOLD shipped for the xbox with halo 3, reach, odst, bloodstone and lego indiana games included for free basically as it would be pointless to sell them separately

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