XP not booting: freeze at DMI Pool Data

I did a hard restart a few days ago, and now my computer freezes while booting after the message "Verifying DMI Pool Data" is displayed.

I have tried:

a) fixmbr, fixboot, and bootcfg /rebuild all from the recovery console
b) flashing mobo BIOS
c) general BIOS/CMOS reset
d) trying to boot drive from a second computer (didn't work, displayed an entirely blank screen w/ only blinking cursor after the BIOS image)
e) disconnecting all extra components except drive in question

Attaching the drive as a slave in a working system works fine, all the data is there and accessible.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
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  1. Possible causes
    1. Memory timing (Try put it as SPD).
    2. Power issue (Check to see if all voltages as CPU, Vmem, +/-5V, etc. are OK).

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  2. 1) Do I do that through the BIOS? Whereabouts might I find that option?

    2) Could a simple hard-reboot screw up voltages? I would find that very peculiar. Unfortunately I don't have any of the tools to check said voltages, at least not at my current location. :(

    Thank you for your reply!
  3. Both of them should be in your BIOS (Advanced Setup or something similar for memory and Health System status for voltages).
    When you have to do the hard reset, then it might be something wrong in your system. In my experience, usually it has something to do with power supply or RAM.

    :smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
  4. Ah, thanks for explaining!

    All the voltages check out on the PC Health Status menu in the BIOS.

    RAM was already set to SPD (as opposed to the other option, default)
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