flashing bios. is it worth it?

i have heard all the horror stories about flash upgrading your bios. but me being me i decided to do it anyway. i have an asus p4p800vm board. the bios,ami, version is old so i figured i would upgrade it(1005 to 1008). well everything went smoothly until i keep getting;"cmos settings wrong. cmos date/time wrong.so i reset them and rebooted with the same error. took battery out to test voltage, which is good,3.4V. what the heck is going on! i was still able to boot into windows pressing f2 no problem. my system clock was all screwed up also. well, i went back to asus website to see if they had an old verson (1005) and just my luck they did. flashed the bios w/version 1005 reset the date and time and what ya know, it worked. could it be that the v.1008 is bad or my system just didn't like it. i guess those horror stories are right and i was lucky.

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  1. Weird Send an email to Asus. Maybe they know what went wrong.
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