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X-Plane 9 vs FSX

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April 19, 2010 4:05:02 PM

Im Here To Tackle A question thats been floating around the flightsim world for a very long time.
I would like to know what everyone thinks of which is better: X-Plane 9 or Flight Simulator X, I know For one that X-Plane is more realistic and more smooth BUT... Fsx is more detailed
I would like to know what Default Aircraft X-plane comes with and are they all accurate eg: do the default Airbus/Boeing Aircraft(if there is any) have Propper FMC's because X-plane is for commercial use(?)
I was very diss a pointed with the crappy default airbus cockpit in FSX (They didnt even have FMC's/Lack of A second Auto Pilot/That stupid NAV/GPS Swith where the auto land switch should/the CRS Knob!?!?!?!?...etc) is X-Plane Like this
Im thinking of switching
pls all advice will be grately appreciated :) 

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June 1, 2010 7:05:33 PM

To answer your questions, I think it's best for you to get a feel for it, visit website and download the demo, it is just as good as the retail version, check it out and see, I honestly think you will be very impressed with version 9.x. X-Plane has come a long way and from the last version 8.x, I was a bit disapointed with graphics and etc.. after purchasing version 9, I was very impressed.
I also test drive FS-X, and this was my reaction to it.. I uninstall it right away, it didn't last an hour installed on my machine.
I love X-Plane, all that you hear about X-Plane is correct, however, to get a really good experience with X-Plane, as everyone will tell you, good hardware is best so you can set x-plane setting to extreme graphics and trust me you will see what i enjoy about it.. there are many add-on you can install into x-plane, including more realistic clouds and sunlighting.. you get that true feeling of flying. I spend hours on it flying to many different airports and many good scenery by many developers who create them.
The is one plug-in you should make sure you have, you can search for it on google website, "realistic weater for x-plane" it will take you to, make sure you register.. if you not you will not be able to download this plug-in.
Also check out Peter's Airbus A380-861, but that's one of the qualities of X-Plane, and much much more..
But you have to see it for yourself, because saying it doesn't do X-Plane justice.

I hope that helps and answer your questions.


Also, i am creating a new section on my website with links to many of the place i have downloaded add-on for x-plane, instead of searching, you can visit one location for it all. Not to worry about the url at the moment, but i am sure when you will search google for any of the add-on's my website will be first on the list. "Visual Image Arts".
July 9, 2010 4:41:00 PM

I am a new comer to Tom's Hardware. I have both FSX and X-plane with the latest updates. I am trying to set up to run them in Eyefinity. I finally got FSX going with the help from internet by modifying the FSX.cfg file However, I could not get X-plane working in Eyefinity mode. This is my system: E8400. Windows & Home 64-bit. Sapphire HD 5870 VaporX. Three Samsung 24" LCD with native resolution of 5760 x 1200. I am using the latest Catalyst v 10.6. 8 GB Ram.
Currently, my X-plane is stretched across all three monitors in low resolution. I am losing the top portion and bottom portion. It is also not showing additional side views expected with Eyefinity if X-plane is set up properly.
Any advice to help me to set up my X-plane to run in Eyefinity mode would be greatly appreciated. James
July 9, 2010 4:45:41 PM

Just a quick correction to my last reply. The model of my three Samsung's LCD monitors is 2443BW with a native resolution of 1920 x 1200. I used Catalyst to create a single group with final resolution of 5760 x 1200. This works amazingly well with FSX, but I could not get it worked with X-plane. James