Need help!! all the games lag and i cant play em :(

i use windows 7 32 bit. my pc specs are intel dual core 2.2 GHz processor, 2GB DDR2 667MHz ram, gtx 260 gpu and intel 965ry mobo.

my windows is around 7-8 mnths old and lately it has become very slow. takes about 2 minz just to start properly. i've removed all the unnecessary startup items. i have really settled in this copy of windows with all the installed games, softwares and other settings. i do not want to install a fresh copy of windows. so can u guys pls help me on how to make it a bit faster??

one more thing. nowadays almost all the games i play lag. from modern warfare 2 to cricket captain 2008...all the games start lagging after 5 minz n seems like suddenly it's running at 10fps!!! i dont think it's a driver issue coz all the games do the same thing. even freecell :| can u pls tell me what might be causing this and how to get rid of it?? i dont think it's a virus coz i use a licensed version of eset nod32 antivirus. again i'm not really willing to reinstall my copy of windows.

thnx :)
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  1. How about system restore? BTW you could reload your OS completely in about 30 mins and cod etc dont take too long to install. 2 hours and you would be running a fresh system. I know thats not the answer you wanted but sometimes a reload works out quicker than diagnosing and resolving the prob :)
  2. Try to defrag your C drive.
    And what are the temps?

    +1 to Captain that Installing a fresh copy of OS (Which will hardly take 30mins) will be faster way to resolve the problem
  3. ya guess i dont have that much of an option...i just dont wanna lose all the custom settings of softwares n stuffs i've'll take longer that 2 hrs to bring the new windows to it's present state :(
  4. When you run ESET, do you run in safe mode without networking ? unplug from outside sources before scan.

    run super anti spyware.

    highjack this.

    start/run/msconfig..... start up and services..... disable stuff you know you can......
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    Assuming you are gonna reload.... if you have more than one drive in your system, after you have reloaded everything. Get youself a copy of norton ghost or acronis or some other imaging program and make an image of your full system, (it will be a big big file as will contain your entire C:\) and then save to your 2nd drive. But by doin this if it ever goes wrong again, you ghost your pc back to working condition with everything installed including games etc even faster. I have a 40gb (ish) image sitting on my 2nd hdd just in case this happens.
  6. thnx for the help guys :)

    btw i think i've found out the reason for lagging and slowing down.after 30 minz both my processors show 100% usage even when i'm running cricket captain 2008 or just browsing/chatting...any idea what might be causing this??
  7. Open task manager and in thr PROCESSES tab you can see which process is using how much CPU resources.

    Halt that process.
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