Athlon64FX-53 and MSI

I am at a decision point and would like to feedback from you. I am ready to build a high-end machine and have everything picked out. But I am struggling with the chipset selection.

I will be buying the Athlon64 FX-53 (socket 939). The buz nearly everywhere is on the MSI Neo board, using the nForce3-250 Gb chipset. I love everything I ready about this board and the chipset and was ready to pull the trigger when I had some doubts.

Does this board limit the high end processor that I am buying? Should I be waiting for nVidia to put out a native socket 939 chipset. This FX 939 chip will fir into the 940 socket right?

Am I buying a high-performance engine and putting skinny tires on it?
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  1. Ok, if you're talking about the MSI K8N Neo Platinum, that's a socket 754 mobo. Yeah, it rocks, but it won't take your FX-53. I'm not sure if MSI even has a socket 939 motherboard out right now. According to their site, they have 1 socket 940 board out, which could support a socket 940 FX-53, but that is running a less glamourous VIA chipset.

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  2. Asus has a via socket 939 board out for about $200 on pricewatch. Don't know if it has an agp/pci lock for overclocking.
  3. Guess I was way off in thinking the support was available for 939 so soon. I really like the MSI Neo line of boards, so maybe I'll wait until they have a 939 pin version.
  4. Yea, I'm in the same boat as you...there is only one 939 board right now and that is the Asus board. I personally am going to wait for MSI's 7025 board for socket 939. Unless they get beat by some other board with that chipset.
  5. Do you have any further info on MSI's 7025 board? I haven't seen a word of it yet. Anyone else talk about a native 939 board yet?
  6. <A HREF="" target="_new"> Clicky </A>

    First time I tried that, don't know if it will work. Its in a different language however, so try your best haha.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> This too </A>

    Might be something in there too, im checking it out as I type.
  7. It was the motherboard used for benchmarks in the second link.
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