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I want to build a system based around the AMD 64 chipset and was all set on the MSI K8T Neo motherboard until I started looking around a little more tonight. I want to use the 3200+ model, but it sounds like the K8N Platinum is the board to go with. The thing is, everywhere I read about it, it says that the board only supports 3400+ and up. What makes it so different that the 3200+ or lower will not work? I know it is the same socket so that isn't it. Is nForce 3 really that different?

I also wanted to ask if this kind of a setup would work:
AMD athlon 64 3200+
K8T neo-fsr
Kingmax DDR400 512 MB ram

Thanks to any help anyone can give me. If you need more info to help, just ask here or pm me please.
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  1. The platinum supports the A64 3200+. It's just poorly worded on thier site.
    A recent review at Tom's suggests kingmax may have some problems with socket 754. At the same time, the new nforce boards are said to have fewer memory problems.
  2. Thanks. I saw that it worked with one cpu timing and not the other. So now my next question: What is the difference between SH7-C0 timing and SH7-CG timing?
  3. I had the same danged question..Tom's needs a glossary to go with their articles.
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