Low 3dmark scores

My pc is only getting about a 8000-8400 score in 3dmark 2001 se. All the benchmarks I see on review sites have computers similar to mine getting about 10000-12000. My specs are as follows:

Pentium 4 2.4 ghz 800fsb
512 PC3200
Abit Siluro Geforce 4 TI 4200 OTES
MSI 865P Neo MotherBoard
Western Digital 40 GB IDE 7200 rpm ATA 100

I just can't see what is holding me back here I am pretty sure I have everything configured correctly. Does anyone have a similar problem with this video card or motherboard?
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  1. Well, uninstall all your current drivers for your motherboard and video card, restart and install all the latest one....maybe that could help.

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  2. I just did a fresh install of the os and put the newest drivers on. I don't have the newest bios revision because I dont have a floppy. Does anyone think that is my problem?
  3. nope

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  4. try reset bios?
  5. Not for sure if all MSI MBs support it, but if yours does you can download <A HREF="http://www.msi.com.tw/program/support/software/swr/spt_swr_list.php?kind=1" target="_new">Live Update</A> and update your BIOS from inside windows. I was a little worried when I did mine on my K7N2-L, but it worked great without problems.

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  6. You got any stuff running in the background? Anti-virus, Firewall, File Sharing, or even Viruses/Spyware/Adware?

    If all your drivers (particularly Chipset AGP drivers) are up to date, then it must be a software issue.

    You should be over 11K in 2001Se easy, IMO

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  7. Ive got a ti4200 and it sucks, really holding me back in 3dmark03, that could be your problem.

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  8. If you post a link to your 3DMark results in the graphics card forum a bunch of people will come out of the woodwork to fight over how you should speed up your system and get more 3DMarks or bungholeos or whatever.

    Does your BIOS let you play with memory timings, and if so do you have everthing set as fast as it will run stably? Do you have AGP Apurture set to 128MB (or 64MB)? Do you have AGP Fast Write turned on and VSync turned off? Do have an option to enable Fast Command Decodes, and if so is it enabled?

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  9. Try 43.51 drivers, guru3d keep a full sweet for download they are the best for me. I get 11600 in 3dmark2001, and 20600 in Aquamark.

    I'm now running a XFXti4200 Turbo at wopping clock speeds, 330/670 GPU/MEM

    Incidentally the 4200 was Nvidia's best selling card, best price performance money could by, and still worth a look as an interim cheap upgrade. Igot mine on ebay a month ago ffor 40 quid, UK.

    Get Riva tuner and tweak your settings.

    With an 800FSB, you should be getting 12000 plus

    The ti4200 is a Direct X8.X card not 9.0, so 3D/2003 will be low,

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  10. This card can easy pass 10000,check your bios setting.
    make sure your CPU work at 800FSB,and correctly set your RAM TIME.
    IMO,I think mybe some problem in your OS,or some software you have install.
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