GTA IV (Yep another person complaining)

Q6600 Quad @ 2.4 Ghz (stock)
XFX GTX 260 Black Edition - latest drivers
P5N-D Mobo
Windows XP SP3
4 Gig RAM Corsair DDR2 PC2-6400
550w PSU
LG 32" LCD (1360x768 methinks)

I thought this system would be more than capable to handle GTA IV (have just applied the latest patch).

Yet still I get crashes from just about every "common" error people get. I'm sick to death as well of turning around in the game (where I have already "looked") and things just suddenly loading, i.e. more detail, windows, air conditioners on walls, etc.

Is there nothing out there to optimise my gaming experience?

Is my GPU or processor bottlenecking?
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  1. NO. This is just the WORST port ever done. That setup SHOULD run it. But gtaiv for PC is so unstable I dont even want to attempt it, even though i loved it on 360.
  2. God that's annoying....
  3. Yea, I would reccomend finding a different game to play... GTA IV is a lost cause for PC.
  4. Assuming you're all patched up and using latest drivers, I believe JDV's right. You can try OCing your CPU if you fancy, although I'm not sure what the gains will be...
  5. I ted other drivers aand shut down alot of processes and the like, none of which worked. Installed the latest drives again and put Vsync to off and everything to medium now it runs "flawlessly". But it makes no sense. I should be able to get higher settings..........
  6. Q6600 @ stock
    Asus 9800GTX+
    Running win7 home premium

    Runs ok. Never had a crash on it. Although i concur, worst port ever.
  7. Rockstar Games did a lot of bad coding in the game, try patching it.
    The 360 version was great also the PS3 one.
  8. I found a strange issue that if I have xfire opened GFWL makes the game crash after 2 or 3 mins, so I have to close xfire in order to play.
  9. Definitely the latest patch has helped because it gives you more controls to fiddle with in the graphics option.

    On my system, I was lucky to get over 40 fps, even with the system overclocked. Once the latest patch was applied (via Steam in my case), I went into the graphics options and told it to optimize my settings. I'm running at 1280x1024 (max I can go with my LCD monitor) and I get around 45-50 FPS. Definitely makes a difference.
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