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When steam is updating my game empire total war and it is going on a fine track and then i have to go and i turn of my computer and i dont know it was on 23% before colosing my computer nad when i comeback and turn my computer on again it strats from 0% and this has happened to me many times.... has anyone else had this problem, or what can i do????? HELP!!!! :( :(
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  1. Leave the PC on and let it finish for a change!
  2. I love the game ... I was wondering if you were interested in playing it together online. I can be found on Xfire under Ibanez77
  3. You can turn off automatic updates if you want.
  4. Leave your computer on, lock it down, or put it in sleep mode(not sure if sleep mode keeps things from downloading). Your computer shouldn't blow up if you leave it on for a bit... but then again I don't know your computer lol.
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