hey i have windows xp SP3
2.5gb ram
256mb graphics(ATI RADEON EXPRESS 200 SERIES)
Intel Pentium(R) 4 2.83GHz
20Gb free space

Will GTA 4 work on my PC?
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  1. You may get it to run but it will look like a slideshow.
  2. That was a bit too kind Herr.

    No, you need a more powerful PC to run GTA4.
  3. Quote:
    I am also looking for instructions to play GTA 4. I have played GTA sanandreas. Can u share about GTA4 instructions? Thanks in advance.

    No different than most others. Buy the game and you'll be able to read the instructions without fail.

    Not only a new CPU, but your GPU is WAY under powered and doesn't have enough memory. You really need a 1 gig video card and a 3 or 4-core CPU.

    You can also go to this site ->

    From there, you can have it test your PC to see if it's capable of running a game. Just find GTA IV and allow it to download the applet needed to run. This is from Futuremark (makers of 3dMark benchmarking software) and it's pretty spot on. I think you'll find out that your system is WAY underpowered to run GTA IV, both CPU and GPU-wise.
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