Just cause 2 problem with 32 bit

Hey guyz i use windows 7 32 bit and have a 3 Gb of ram but Just cause 2 shows the ram as only 2GB after a benchmark.
I read somewhere that its because of the ram limitation of 32 bit windows.

So should i upgrade to 64 bit windows to use all 3 GB of ram?


e7200 processor
HD 4850 512 MB
Foxconn g31mxk
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  1. Is it not 2GB of usable RAM since it takes 1GB as used by the OS? Or maybe it's rounding it to the next number that makes sense. Frankly not many games will use more than 1.5GB anyway. Especially not a console port.
  2. But just cause 2 recomended requirements are 3 GB of ram???
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