Noobish questions re: Biostar M7NCD Pro Mobo

Hi All,

I'm rebuilding my system, and basing many of my purchases on the recent article here on Tom's on building a sub-$1000 gaming system. (

Two questions:

1) If I get the Biostar M7NCD Pro, does that mean I won't need a separate external cable modem? The article seems to imply that I wouldn't: "The board also made it unnecessary to buy a modem, NIC, or sound card."

2) While this board has an nVidia nForce2 400 Ultra chipset, my graphics card (which I already have) is an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro. Are there any compatibility issues between an nVidia mobo chipset and an ATI graphics card?

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  1. You will need an external cable modem. Not sure why the article says you won't need a modem. Even IF it had a modem, that would be for dial-up.
    The graphics card will be no no problem.
    You may want to look into other MB with the Nforce2 chipset, I've had bad luck with multiple Biostar MBs in the past. Mostly with the on-board NICs failing. But I'm sure they aren't all bad.

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  2. I'd avoid Biostar like it was a hooker with AIDS!

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  3. Roger that. I'll shop for a different mobo. Thanks for the info!
  4. Alot of the guys on this forum are recommending abit nf7 version 2 or nf7-s version 2 and athlon 2500 mobile as a great, cost effective xp platform with overclock potential.
  5. 1.) You'll need a cable modem, since it will probably be external I suggest one that connects to the LAN port of your motherboard, rather than USB.
    2.) No compatability issues between the chipset and any normal graphics card.

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  6. I have that motherboard in my second computer with AXP 2500+. I got the board for $29.00. I have had no problems at all but I do agree it is not the best choice. It has a history of non-working onboard LAN.
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