NZXT Switch 810 w/ Custom water loop and fans, xbox 360, PS vita, more

NZXT Switch 810 (White) ATX Full Tower Case ------ $135 SHIPPED
Swiftech Lok-Seal™ Compression Fitting G1/4 Thread - 1/2" ID x 3/4" OD - Black (x6) ----- $40 SHIPPED
Bitspower G1/4" Matte Black 45-Degree Cpression Fitting CC5 For ID 1/2" OD 3/4" (x2) ----- $20 SHIPPED
Enzotech G1/4" 90° Adapter - Matte Black (x1) ----- $10 SHIPPED
XSPC High Flex PVC Tubing, about 7ft - 1/2" ID (3/4"OD) ------ $25 SHIPPED
Scythe Slipstream 120mm Fans (x6) ----- $45 SHIPPED
Sunbeam 6-Fan Controller ------ $25 SHIPPED
Black Ice SR1 Low Air Flow Optimized - 360 Radiator - Black ---- $80 SHIPPED

- Gigabyte Windforce 7950

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  1. Bump
  2. Awesome looking case. wish I had the money for that vita. another bump for you!
  3. It was an amazing case, especially for watercooling, but I'm moving so I need to downsize
  4. bluebarracuda said:
    It was an amazing case, especially for water cooling, but I'm moving so I need to downsize

    Yeah I bet. I've always wanted to have a water cooled pc. and I love nzxt. Just sold my build and I had the phantom 410 case which I loved. I'm sure yours would be perfect for water cooling. If I were building a pc I would pick that one up right now.. haha
  5. Bump.

    I also have the AMD game bundle with Crysis 3 and bioshock infinite that I'm looking to sell for $75obo
  6. Since the AMD Crysis 3 / Bioshock Infinite combos are going for $60 high end on ebay (search completed listings) and you will not have to lose Ebays cut .... I will buy the AMD game bundle for $50. I can send via Paypal and my ebay feedback is +175 the names Envymyfeedback.
  7. Xbox sold.

    Envymert, I'll think about that offer
  8. K, lemme know !
  9. Someone offered me a deal that I was looking for (black ops 2 + paypal), so I took that one.

    Thanks for the interest though!
  10. Pump and cpu block sold
  11. PS Vita sold!

    Updated the listing with individual prices for the water cooling components.
  12. I'm now selling some wireless Astro a50s. They're like new in box with all accessories.

    $225 shipped
  13. A50s and reservoir sold.

    Still have the case, fans, fan controller and rad for sale. I'll update the OP when I'm back at a computer
  14. Everything is sold! Please delete mods, thanks.
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