3 sandboxers rumored/confirmed this year

For anyone who loves the sandbox and open-world as I do...

-Battlefield 3: well known and confirmed. Winter 2010. 64 players in one massive map with the BC2 engine and graphics and I'll call it BF3.
-Grand Theft Auto "5": been some rumors of it debuting in Fall 2010. BF3 may be more probable. Not much on creditable info.
-Test Drive Unlimited 2: confirmed. Set to Fall 2010 also. Island will be Abiza located in the Baltic Sea. Will take 20 minutes for the fastest car to cross the island. Almost no draw distance limit and a reworked physics/handling engine. http://www.testdriveunlimited2.com/

Looks promising. TDU2 is being said that it may have Oahu Hawaii also and can be accessed after a certain skill level. Honestly think it would be too much data to be realistic.
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  1. I'm willing to bet GTA V won't be out for years to come.
  2. http://www.videogamesblogger.com/2008/04/14/grand-theft-auto-5-release-date-expected-in-fall-2010.htm
    -"To quote investment banker Wedbush Morgan Securities’ game industry analysts Michael Pachter: “I actually think they already have a story in mind. GTA5 is already in the planning stage and my guess is you’ll see [the next GTA] in two and a half years. In fall of 2010, there’ll be Grand Theft Auto 5.”"

    Not sure how much merit this has behind it being videogamesblogger.com but it would be exiting to have the Vice City of the IV engine this year and a whole new map to explore *fingers crossed*
    -speculation "on"
    R* did say that they wanted IV to last a "long time" so if a long time is San Andreas to IV, that's about 3 to 4 years... though they do already have the engine and GTA III's base, VC and SA were made in 2 year increments *shrug* 00' III, 02' VC, 04' SA.

    TDU2 trailer just out;
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQnKVLIQpE4 720p

    TDU2 first look with Senior Producer Nour Polloni of Eden Games;
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8F87Pj-7nI&feature=player_embedded 720p

    TDU2 interview with Nour Polloni;

    2 islands and almost 2000 miles of roads (a revamped Oahu confirmed here with the island Abiza). :ouch: Hurt my pride a little there.
    Cosmetic damage all the way to doors swinging open with heavy damage.
    Off-roading is very much a part of the game with SUV's and such.
    They are being tight lipped about cops... fsr. :heink:
    24h day/night cycle lasting 2h30m in game.
    Weather (rain, clouds, storms).
    Can't wait; second trailer will be in May :wahoo:
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