Gigabyte GA-8KNXP and heat spreaders

Hi folks, I'm wondering if ram chips with heat speaders can be installed next to each other on this motherboard. I will be using four 512 gig chips in this machine. The manual states that in order to have dual-channel function activated with four chips, they must be in slots 1,2 and 4,5, which puts individual channel pairs of chips right next to each other.

I was considering something like the Corsair TwinX or Geil Ultra series chips. I noticed in the product shots for the TwinX chips that they are conveniently placed in slots one and three on the pictured motherboard. This is what brought me to post this message, as it appears as though such chips can't be placed side-by-side with heat spreaders on.

So is this the case, or is this something I don't have to worry about? If the spreaders are a problem, I'm considering the Geil Golden Dragon series which don't have spreaders.

Thanks for any info on this.
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  1. The modules with heat spreaders are slightly thinner than the plastic DIMM bracket of your board, so they will fit.

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