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I have a Dual Monitor Gaming rig, on one monitor I have the game running while on the other one I have skype. But when I pause the game inorder to reply to my chat messages, as soon I click on Skype the game in the other screen minimizes. This defeats the whole purpose. Is there any way that I can stop the game from minimizing? Thanks, Adam.
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  1. No, this is a DirectX limtation in rendering 3D and 2D graphics. The game and you desktop.

    In order to get around this you have to run the game in a windowed mode. There is also software that you can use to move the game window to fill the screen it is on as if it was fullscreen but keep the windowed mode active.

    This will impact your performance since some GPUs will underclock when rendering a 2D mode which is what a windowed mode game will present to the Windows system.
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