Oblivion for pc not finding exe

Hey i need help. I just installed Oblivion for pc. I checked the minimum requirements and im compatible. But whenever i click play on the main menu it opens up a black screen in the top left corner and then it says "Sorry, Oblivion has encountered a problem, and needs to close." Any one got any advice?
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  1. Oh Im running Windows XP Home edition. With a Intel Celeron 2.40 GHz CPU Processor. And 2046 MB of ram. I dont know if thats relevant but i hope you guys can help me. Thanks
  2. Are ANY mods installed at the moment?

    Are you sure that the masterfile ( oblivion.esm ) is loaded in the data files menu?

    Also, is you're XP Service Pack 1, 2, or 3?

    Have you tried playing it directly from the .exe in the installation directory?

    If you do have mods installed, uncheck them all in data files and load only oblivion.esm. If that works, then it must be your mods or load order that is messing with the game.

    If you've already tried all of those, then my only advice is to try a clean re-install.
  3. Is this a download or from disc?
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