Quake 2 and 75hz, ATI Driver issue?

I play Quake 2 online competitively(yes, I know it's old), and everything is fine when my LCD is at 60hz, but when I bump it up to 75hz the game gets very very choppy/stutters/whatever you want to call it. 60hz isn't really playable to me, I would MUCH rather prefer 75hz as it helps a ton.

The monitor is not the issue, every other game I have runs perfectly at 75hz. In Quake 2 I use 800x600 but it doesn't matter what resolution it's at, if it's 75hz, it's going to have the issue.

I've reinstalled the game, changed and played with every setting in the game I can find and still no results. I've tried running in compatibility mode for 98/ME, XP, Vista, setting cpu affinity, turning off all other programs, running game as administrator etc...no results. I'm really good with computers and even I can't figure this out.

I've come to the only conclusion that I can think of - ATI Driver issue. I mean, it must be. This game used to work fine 2 years ago and I was on a 3850 then, with the same PC. Does anyone have anything recommendations I can try to fix this weird issue?
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  1. make sure v-sync is disabled to get more frame rate out of game. what size LCD do you have? You should be playing native settings for the screen, basically the highest resolution the screen supports and run the game at same settings. This will make the GPU work more then the CPU depending on screen resolution. Running @ 800x600 is pretty small, that's for 15" screens.
  2. I have a 28" LCD, but that shouldn't matter. I also tried Quake Live and have the exact same issue! No matter the resolution, if it at's 75hz the same thing happens. I believe QL uses OpenGL correct?
  3. yes, but most LCD do not support 75hz after certain resolutions, I have a 24" screen and after 1280*1024 I can only choose 60hz, make sure where you choose refresh rate you check where it says "do NOT" show unsupported monitor refresh rates. I believe if you run what the screen is suppose to run at yuo will not have issues. Otherwise bring to certified Tech and have them test for issues with video, but I would say that you are trying to run unsupported settings.
  4. This monitor can do 1280x1024 at 75hz, so there is no issue there. I'm only use 800x600(though any resolution with 75hz does it). CoD4, BCBF2 work no problem at 1280x1024, 75hz so why should Q2 and QL be any different? I think it has something to do with OpenGL as opposed to Direct3D.
  5. I remember back when I had to download some app to adjust resolution and other screen setting for GL Quake, but Quake 2 unsure.
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