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I am constantly amazed by the number of requests I see on these forums for printer drivers when, in the majority of cases, the driver is either easily available from the manufacturer's web site or is already built in to Windows 7. Might I suggest that, before posting such requests, people:

1. Check whether a driver already exists in Windows 7. It is essential to regularly press the "Windows Update" button in the "Add Printer" dialog to obtain the latest drivers.

2. Check the manufacturer's web site to see if they provide a driver.

3. If you must ask a question here it is more useful to actually provide some information rather than just saying "Hello". (That applies to all sorts of questions!)

4. Don't keep posting the same request. Once is enough.
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  1. +1^ :pt1cable:

    ijack: I try to keep in mind that the posters here range from absolute newbies who have never changed their desktop settings to those who have years and years of experieince in trouble-shooting and solving computer harware and software problems. :)
  2. Great pointers ijack! These steps will answer most driver questions. In fact, this would be great as a Sticky. :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
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